I love the atmosphere in Schorem. It's a strange atmosphere - kind of like a mix between frantic and relaxed!

Always good music: Rockabilly, Punk, and Rock n Roll. Always good drinks: coffee, beer or whiskey. Always an assault on the senses: cocktail smells of hair pomade, aftershave and beard oils. And always a story to tell about your visit there!

At least 10 tattooed barbers, each exuding an individual style and personality. Each man almost in a trance like state, focused on the evolving hair-style at his fingertips, with the occasional break in focus to take the piss out of another barber. 

This time I was there with Playboy writer Tim Geyer as he went for the Schorem experience 1st hand. He had been growing his head and facial hair for a couple of weeks prior to the visit, waiting for the transformation (and it was exactly that).

I spent the full day there shooting all the guys, and in particular Tim's cut and shave by owner Bertus, who still loves to be out cutting as much as possible, with the rest of the guys.